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5 Simple Steps To Your Desired Project


Step 1 - Select Package

Select your package by placing your order online or by phone on 0121 358 0607. We have an online secure shopping cart supported by PayPal. The most secure way to pay online. You can use your PayPal account or Debit/Credit Card. 
If you wish to pay by credit/debit card, you don’t need to have a PayPal account to make a payment and PayPal accepts all major credit cards.  If you are unsure about which package you should choose or you have any queries regarding our products or packages, you can discuss them with our design consultant.

Step 2 - Submit Brief

Once you have selected your package, you will be requested to fill in our short online design brief. This will help our design team to create your artwork. Please take your time to describe your business and any requirements. Try to be as specific as possible and convey your expectations and ideas of your design. Submit your form with any attachments.


Step 3 - See Artwork

Our design team will immediately start creating your concept(s). Your first draft will be ready within 2-5 business days unless specified on your package. During this time, our team will be busy researching your market and competition, holding creative discussions, brainstorming, and sketching multiple preliminary designs. The best concept(s) will be approved by our Creative Director and will be sent to your email to get your opinion and develop further. Evaluating the drafts is a very important step in this process, so please take your time before making any decisions.

Step 4 - Make Changes

After you’ve chosen the concept(s) you like, you can notify the designer of any changes you would like to make via email or telephone. Don’t hesitate to request changes at this point in the process (our initial designs may have given you some fresh ideas). You have unlimited revisions to perfect your designs. Once we have completed the revisions, we will again send your concepts to your email to look things over.

Step 5 - Receive Delivery or Download Artwork

When you are happy with the final artwork, we will forward you a sign-off email.  Once you have approved your project and are satisfied with the end results, your artwork will be in the print process. If you receive your printed product and notice any errors that were not approved by yourself for print, contact us immediately to resolve the matter. If your project does not include any print, for example, a logo design, advert design, social media/web banners or other detail artwork, we will email you a folder containing various files ready to be used for print and web.

It’s as simple as that. In a few days, your company may have a professional image.


Our promise!

The Inspired.Group will work closely with you ensuring that your final product is exactly to your requirements.  We pride ourselves in listening to your needs and delivering excellent customer service.


We offer a fully comprehensive service from planning and marketing through to production and media negotiation, giving you a perfect website in one single point of contact for all your design & print needs. 

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