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Father's day, Christmas, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary and, of course, Valentine's Day! If you need a gift for that special person, give them one that will touch their heart forever.
We can digitally restore your treasured photographs, whether they are old, faded, water damaged, scratched or just in need of some tender loving care, giving them the specialist care and attention they need to bring them back to life.
  Here are just some of the photo retouching and restoration services that we offer:

Image Retouching & Restoration



• Removal of blemishes, watermarks, scratches, stains and tears

• Add Colour or tint to old photographs

• Removal of colour casts

• Rebuild incomplete photographs

• Remove unwanted objects or people

• Restore old cracked or faded images

• Background alterations or removal

• Combine objects or people from more than one photograph

• Removal of red eye, facial hair, wrinkles birthmarks or moles

Photo Montage


Photo Montage is a fantastic way to display a collection of photographs together in a striking and vibrant manner. The final image can then be used in any form of design to help you strengthen the impact. You can create a memorabilia picture from a special occasion or something used for a marketing product.


All you need to do is send your photos by post or email to.  If you need images to for your artwork, we have over 38 million images in our royalty free stock library to choice from.


Image Manipulation


Image manipulation is an ever-evolving collaboration between photography and graphic design. Combining certain elements to create a unique image, that can convince even the most experienced set of eyes, requires a very creative set of skills.


Because the manipulation of a photo gives a realistic view of an unreal picture, you should have an open mind when gathering ideas on how to get creative with your images.

Image manipulations are a great source for inspiration, generally because designers are able to express their creativity through various aspects of design.

How can we believe anything we see anymore? With today's technology, we can literally do anything we want with images, this is called image manipulation.


Your Professional Product in 3D


Anyone who wants to sell their products over the Internet, have to present their product in the best possible way. Inspired Creative can help you to visualise them in 3D! As it would look when you walk in a store - ready to be purchased by an interested customer.

Here are just some of the product in 3D services that we offer: 

• 'Lighting' options for more realism
• Change dimension for perfect integration to your website
• Create floor reflections for more dimensional images
• Add highlights and shadows that enhance images 

Your Professional Product Cut-Out


Separating an object from their background image is know as clipping paths, this will create a new layer that isolates the object which can be placed on a new background (colour).  Our design experts use a special "pen tool" in Adobe photoshop to create all clipping paths, some companies may use the "magic wand" tool which is quicker, unprofessional and leaves a pixelated edge around the object.



The price for the services we offer varies from job to job depending on how complex the images are, and the quantity you have. Prices are hard to put into figures, as every photo is different. Each project needs to be analysed by our design experts, we can then give you a personal quote for the work.


Please consult with our design team for a quotation on 0121 243 0931 or email




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