20% OFF - Logo Extras

1. 20% OFF 1 Year Technical Support

Our highly trained support team will help you find solutions to all your technical issues that meet your project needs, whether dealing with your printers or web developers, we can call them direct to save your time and your money. There is nothing more frustrating than losing your artwork, with our support you will be able to access your files from anywhere at any time, from any device.


Our team is here to help you online 24/7 to any queries in regard to your project.


1 Year Technical Support was £60
48.00 GBP


2. 20% OFF Pantone Colour & Font Spec Sheet

Highly Recommended - Creating a brand image is not just about a logo design, you want to make sure you're using the same typeface colours and other brand-related graphics consistently across all your print campaigns, websites, email newsletter, and social media sites. Obviously, you don't have as much visual control with Facebook and Twitter, but you can ensure that your background matches your logo colours. We now offer a Spec Sheet designed to provide you with the information required. Your logo is designed in a 4 colour process CMYK that can be converted to RGB and for Pantone colours, the reference codes are needed for professional printing and web developers to help them match your brand identity. 


Pantone Colour and Font Spec Sheet was £70
56.00 GBP

Pantone Colour and Font Spec Sheet



3. 20% OFF Certificate of authenticity with all originals

This document certifies that the logo we design is unique and original. The document describes the business name, owner’s title, date of issue and a unique registration number along with Inspired Logo’s Creative Director's signature. The Certificate cannot be issued if you have sent your own drafts, images or requested to use clipart. We will email you the file in a secured PDF format, password protected which cannot be amended.  This Certificate is not a legal Trademark if you wish to apply for a legal Trademark (TM) our fees start from £400 + VAT.

Certificate Of Authenticity was £85
68.00 GBP


4. 20% OFF Business Stationery Pack Layout

Complete your logo package with a full business stationery pack layout


Package includes:

• 1 Business Card layout (double sided)

• 1 Complimentary Slip/Envelope layout (one side)

• 1 Letterhead/Invoice layout (one side)

• Unlimited revisions/changes if needed

• Final files supplied in:

  - .pdf format print ready artwork with 3mm bleed

  - .eps & .ai format original vector Illustrator files suitable to make changes

  - .docx word format letterhead ready to type on, for emails and invoices

• Receive your first set of drafts within 4-5 business days after your final logo sign-off


Business Stationery Pack Layout was £120 now

100% Original & Unique...No Templates! No Clipart!

Select Your Quantity

5. 20% OFF Logo Separation Files

This package is recommended if you wish to receive your logo separated from the background image after selecting your desired final version and/or your project has been signed-off, for example, you may wish to separated the icon from the name. Logo files supplied in all formats for home and commercial. 


Logo Separation Files was £30 now
24.00 GBP


6. 20% OFF Black and White Logo

By using a black and white logo, you can reinforce contrast and shades on your documents and make your logo stand out more. In most cases, a monochrome logo will be asked. Most brands like having monochrome logos so that their page/product does not look cluttered with too many different colors. Logo files supplied in all formats for home and commercial. 


Black and White Logo was £30 now
24.00 GBP


7. 20% OFF Additional Logo

This package is recommended if you wish to receive an additional logo after selecting your desired final version and/or your project has been signed-off, for example, you may wish to include another slogan/subheader. We offer unlimited revisions to perfect your design, logo files supplied in all formats for home and commercial. 


Additional Logo was £30 now
24.00 GBP


8. 20% OFF New Logo Concept 

This package is recommended if you wish to see an additional logo concept (new design) after selecting your desired package. Subject to availability with your desired package. We offer unlimited sets of revisions on any of the design concepts.


New Logo Concept was £60
48.00 GBP


9. 20% OFF In a Hurry! 24 Hour Logo Design Service

We offer a 24 hour turnaround express service on all logo packages, see your first set of design concept(s) (and any revisions thereafter) next day on receipt of your design brief questionnaire before 10am.


24 Hour Logo Design Service was £70
56.00 GBP


The UK's No.1 Custom Made Logo Design Company

We do not use templates or clipart, each concept is 100% original and unique, tailor-made to your request.



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